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  • n. The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for French Polynesia.
  • n. Symbol for the petafarad, an SI unit of electrical capacitance equal to 1015 farads.
  • n. peak flow
  • n. Personal foul.
  • n. Power forward.


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  • Yet not the BEST INDIVIDUAL PLAYER … for power forward … but for me … the best PF is Karl malone …. the mailman with his bag of dirty trick … notable for the flying kick and elbow swing but his number just FREAKING AWESOME

    SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1219

  • The PF is making this move because The blog as a form has begun to be overtaken by social media like Twitter and Facebook.

    News of the Poetry World

  • Pheasants forever has a mix of sorghum that is great for both pheasants and deer that you can get for free if you know someone in PF or QF.

    Food Plots

  • He called PF Hill to make sure the radio was working, then leaned back against the sandbags and looked out across the stake-studded moat through the slatted bamboo fence into the wet, flat black.

    The Village

  • In contrast, private foundations are required to file the IRS Form 990-PF, which is a public record of assets, contributors and grants.

    Finding The Right Vehicle For Charitable Giving

  • The MMD lost all key urban parliamentary seats in the 2006 general elections to the opposition PF, which is led by the populist politician

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • However, Makoni is influential in the Zanu-PF, which is the party of Mugabe.

    Voting Begins For Zimbabwe's Presidency

  • Zanu-PF, which is Robert Mugabe, the incumbent's party, also that says that the run-off is going ahead, but we understand from the MDC that lawyers are busy drafting that formal letter to notify the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission that he's pulling out.

    CNN Transcript Jun 23, 2008

  • Analysts and investors will also be looking for an update from Pfizer regarding cancer drug development, particularly for recently-approved treatment Sutent, as well as the company's late-stage candidates Ticilimumab see related story and an experimental lung cancer drug known as PF-3512676, according to Banc of America.

    Pfizer's Upcoming Analyst Meeting A 'Potential Positive'

  • Charlie Company of the 7th Marine Regiment had a base on a hill in the middle of the sand dunes one mile northeast of the fort and a headquarters and service platoon occupied that position, while another platoon moved onto a steep knoll called PF Hill, a half-mile west of the fort.

    The Village


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