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  • Phosphatidylinositol glycan anchor biosynthesis, class S, a human gene.
  • Portugal, Italy (or Ireland), Greece and Spain, grouping acronym used as a concise way to refer to the Eurozone countries of southern Europe noted for similar economic environments.


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  • Although the European Central Bank treaty does not permit devaluation, there is a way for Greece, Italy, Portugal and perhaps others known by the acronym PIGS to devalue while remaining part of the euro.

    Leave the Euro to the PIGS

  • The financial industry has coined the acronym PIGS to denote these nations, implying that the crisis is their own fault for living beyond their means.

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  • Oh sure, the other countries within the designation PIGS or PIIGS if you prefer, did not want to be coupled together with Greece perhaps because they did not want to be part of something called PIGS or because they were fearful that the association with Greece and their problems could spread to them faster than a winter cold.

  • A year ago, credit downgrades and concern the nation would be unable to curb its budget gap prompted investors to include the country in a group they called PIGS, for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.

    Kathimerini English Edition : Print Edition : 26/3/10

  • The Creative Gorilla #6 If we want our creativity to achieve anything, we have to overcome some obstacles … PIGS don't fly … "There are plenty of great ideas out there ... but so few people actually do anything about them" Speaker on "Woman's Hour" I have devised the acronym PIGS to categorise these obstacles: Process, Individual, Group, and Structure.

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  • UniCredit use the acronym PIGS -- with the 'i' in that case only referring to Ireland. - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • Spain, Portugal and Ireland - the "PIGS" - but it has sent alarm bells ringing in Germany.

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  • Whoever it was that invented the acronym "PIGS" - for Portugal,

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  • The latest trend seems to call the trouble countries "PIGS" -- an acronym for Portugal, Italy, News

  • The biggest concern for the euro region, however, appears to be the massive fiscal deficits of the countries now referred to as the "PIGS" - Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain.

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