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  • Participatory impact pathways analysis, a project management approach.
  • Personal Information Protection Act, part of Canadian privacy law.
  • Phoenix Islands Protected Area, a marine protected area located in the Republic of Kiribati.
  • Program on International Policy Attitudes, an American research institution.
  • PROTECT IP Act, a proposed American law.


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  • Demand Progress, the nonprofit political organization Swartz founded, is among the loudest opponents of the PROTECT IP Act, also known as PIPA, which is aimed at wiping out online copyright infringement.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Half-a-dozen of the 40 original cosponsors of what is known as the PIPA bill withdrew their support Wednesday amid a one-day protest blackout by Wikipedia and other Web giants and a flood of emails to Capitol Hill offices that at times doubled normal volumes.

    The Seattle Times

  • Wednesday's demonstration provoked such an intense backlash against the Stop Online Piracy Act better known as PIPA and SOPA that by the end of the week, more than 100 lawmakers had declared their opposition and both bills had been placed on hold.

    News -

  • The bills, known as PIPA (PROTECT IP Act) in the Senate and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) in the House, are aimed at curbing access to overseas websites that traffic in pirated content and counterfeit products, such as movies and music.

    Reuters: Top News

  • The PIPA is the Protect IP Act, which is a similar bill sponsored by in the US Senate.

    Site Home

  • The legislation, known as PIPA in the Senate and SOPA in the House of Representatives, has been a priority for entertainment companies, publishers, pharmaceutical companies and other industry groups who say it is critical to curbing online piracy, which they believe costs them billions of dollars a year.

    Reuters: Press Release

  • SOPA, along with a companion bill in the Senate called PIPA for PROTECT Intellectual Property Act, seeks to blacklist sites that facilitate online piracy.


  • The legislation abomination known as PIPA, birthed in part from Rubio's Floridian law-womb, just officially pressure, everyone.


  • This is not to say I do not agree that SOPA/PIPA should be rejected, but I felt an outrage that a response of this caliber was misplaced.

    Chase Harrison: Using Virtual Skills to Save the Real World

  • During the SOPA/PIPA national outcry, the fate of one of America's largest environmental fulcrums, the Keystone XL pipeline, was to be determined.

    Chase Harrison: Using Virtual Skills to Save the Real World


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