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  • (uncountable) NYSE stock-ticker symbol for Playboy Entertainment Holdings
  • (countable) Initialism of programmable logic array.
  • (uncountable) Initialism of People’s Liberation Army. (It is the army of the People’s Republic of China.)
  • Initialism of polylactic acid.
  • (dated) (uncountable) Initialism of Palestinian Liberation Army. (It was a traditional army of the Palistinian Liberation Organization, no longer extant.)
  • Initialism of principle of least astonishment.


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  • Through a life cycle study of the packaging, it found that PLA is a better option than polystyrene, in terms of energy use, greenhouse gas missions and human health, said Nancy Hirshberg, Stonyfield's vice president of natural resources.

    Stonyfield Yogurt Gets New Plant-Based Packaging

  • PLA is clear and we may be able to get it in a medical grade to do things like replace bones with it.

    Boing Boing

  • Besides the fact that librarians are the best partiers on the planet, no joke, the reason for authors to attend PLA is that it's about 8000 librarians all in one place who are there specifically (at least partly) to find new authors and old favorites and buy books.

    March 2008

  • Given the increased variety of applications PLA is suitable for, fresh produce packaging seems to make a great deal of sense for the material.

    15 posts from June 2008

  • Unfortunately the only thing green about water bottles made from PLA, is the extra money they are charging you ...

    Nextgen Vending to Distribute Earthpure Organics PLA Eco-Water Bottles

  • Popeye Fresh Baby Spinach in PLA packaging is available at retail stores here in the US.

    15 posts from June 2008

  • If land-filled, PLA is inert – it contains no harmful toxins that can leach into the soil.

    Noble Juice PLA Packaging

  • On a straight energy balance, PLA is probably better than traditional polyethylene in a single use disposable application - but not by much.

    Noble Juice PLA Packaging

  • NatureWorks PLA is made from "renewable" corn but a whole lot of energy is used to sow, water, harvest, extract, ferment and polymerise the material.

    Noble Juice PLA Packaging

  • PLA is a versatile polymer that is made from a complex process beginning with corn.

    16 posts from August 2007


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