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  • The trick resides in the fact that the forms will use the POST methods and thus transmit their information through the $_POST array; the actual page content switching will be made through query strings passed through the $_GET array.

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  • POST: we are submitting a form to login. php, when we do 'submit' or similar action to post the form, values are sent through 'invisible' standered input (notice '.. / login. php') and is retrieved by login. php by $_POST [ 'username'] and $_POST [ 'password'].


  • $_REQUEST, 'GET' = > $_GET, 'POST' = > $_POST, 'COOKIE' = > $_COOKIE); $init =

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  • The term POST has become popular in association with and as a result of the proliferation of the PC. - Articles related to AMD spotlights 135 new PCs based on its Vision technology

  • I like the full point in 'POST OFFICE LETTER BOX.'

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  • To address the problem, Jouravlev described a technique that he called POST-REDIRECT-GET, or the PRG pattern for short.

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  • I'm afraid War has its consequences I know full well, most of these guys if not all didn't know they were going to have problems, how could they, I didn't, that's why its called POST traumatic stress disorder.


  • I’m also thinking that the receipt for this work will be retained and prolly tossed into the work section as Artistic costs, trying to DRESS up like yaa been in POST WAVE AMERICA and also under RESEARCH I gather.

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  • It was a pet peeve of many folks that you couldn't call a POST service operation from the client, even though it's perfectly legal in OData.

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  • You have a bunch of different choices: You can design overlapping resources so that one of them reflects the part you're interested in, and do a PUT on that; or you can use POST, which is so unrestricted it can essentially mean anything.

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