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  • abbr. People's Republic of China

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  • Protestant Reformed Church
  • Pesticide Residues Committee
  • People's Republic of China
  • Palm Resource Code, the file format for Palm OS applications.
  • Planning Review Committee
  • Protocol Review Committee
  • Preschool Referral Committee
  • Private Commercial Organisation
  • Personal radio communications, eg the PRC-77 portable secure FM radio set.
  • Police Record Check

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  • n. a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world


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  • Given that the PRC is currently deploying several hundred short range ballistic missiles where they can strike Taiwan, acquiring Patriot missiles is a perfectly reasonable defensive measure for Taiwan.

    Matthew Yglesias » A Piece of the Action

  • The 60th anniversary of PRC is approaching, Martinoei pointed out that there is nothing left to be celebrated:

    Global Voices in English » Hong Kong: Journalists accused of incitement

  • The so called ‘Western eliteist demonization’ of the PRC is not without some justification.

    Not only are they better capitalists, but better peacemakers too? « Blog

  • IraqVet, the worst part about selling all that debt to the PRC is that the PRC knows who they are going to fight the next “big war” against.

    Think Progress » Ode to Natsios

  • It's down to just two proteins-one is a kinesin (motor protein) that crawls along to the end of its own nascent microtubule, and another one called PRC that organizes the two ends

    News from The Scientist

  • The visit by President Hu Jintao of the [PRC] Peoples Republic of China, to Washington, [DC] District of Clowns scheduled in April, must be cancelled upon the same date of the visit of the Dali Lama with the Media Messiah Imperial President of the America-Israeli Empire and will be forced by such a visit of the Dali Lama, to take corresponding measures to ensure that the International Community understands that times have changed and that the [PRC] is no longer the sleeping Dragon, and will not be treated as a lesser power nor Kowtow to any nations among the world powers, nor be treated as a lesser power, the tough words of warning are at their end an now is the time when tough action will be substituted.

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • Best thing I ever did – although putting 120 people out of a job wasn’t fun, but I was not about to go BK myself, but with my PH D. s earning $120K here plus stock but only $30K in PRC, my employee’s demanding medical, dental, vision, and increased taxes and hourly wages – compared with $8 a day labor – I wasn’t going to win this war.

    What If It’s Worse Than We Think?

  • The site also offers complete curricula for teaching Unity ((R)), the powerful language program found exclusively in PRC’s AAC devices.

    New Web Resource for Teaching Language to Children and Adults with Speech Disabilities « Blogs « Literacy News

  • By investing in this sort of thing at a moment that’s still pretty early in the game relative to China’s economic development, the PRC is helping to provide its capital with a set of advantages that will likely far outlast the current regime.

    Matthew Yglesias » Yes They Can

  • Its members have been encouraged by the state to be wary of contemporary Western bias against the PRC, which is allegedly evidenced by such things as unfair presentations of unrest in Xinjiang and Tibet.

    A Primer On China


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