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  • Permanent Under Secretary (UK)


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  • Out of my Rem. 1100, 20ga. the PUS would get about 5-6 reloads, the straight AA about 7-8 sometimes 9.

    Confesssions of a Hull Ho

  • She is the STINKY ROTTEN PUS that comes out of a pimple when you squeeze it she is a BLEEP of the worst kind a B.M. one and she will be one forever and you can put THAT in the bank and write a check on it.

    Dear Anjali

  • As I mentioned last Friday, though I did travel out of town over the weekend I did not attend the North American Handmade Bike Show in Richmond, VA or "NAHBS"--not to be confused with the North Umbrian Bike Show, or "NUBS," or the Portland Unicycle Show, or "PUS."

    Selling the Sizzle: Brandings Both Real and Adhesive

  • A criminal sombi*ch - PUS LIMPHOG aka Rush Limbaugh - has bought his way out of prison …

    Think Progress » Rush Limbaugh arrested

  • But it shows truly that the students are making public some of the fissures that we suspected within chavismo when the PUS creation did not take place as wished for.

    Enjoying the moment: chavismo on the defensive

  • Certainly a great argument for the single PUS party strategy.....

    The UDO elections: another student defeat for chavismo

  • Now, Tal Cual although appreciating the gesture of Chavez to give up 250 000 has a few interesting questions. 1 does it count that he gives it to the PUS?

    Two chavisterias

  • In other words rich people who signed up for the PUS should stat giving up fancy items.

    Two chavisterias

  • The state chains are reporting lavishly on the rather meager meeting at Maturin where only red shirted individuals are acclaiming the vice president come to encourage folks to sign up for the PUS.

    The pro RCTV march in Caracas

  • More than anything we ever saw at any PUS sign up station.

    The pro RCTV march in Caracas


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