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  • proper noun Alternative form of Pehlevi.


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  • I cannot imagine that the Shah’s son and heir Reza Pahlevi is helping matters for the demonstrators as he adopts their cause and puts himself forward as a potential constitutional monarch when they once expel the mullahs.

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  • Pahlevi ruled as an authoritarian monarch for the next 26 years, until he was overthrown in a popular revolt in 1979.

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  • The rebellion of non-Persian peoples, previously attached to the Pahlevi crown in a symbolic Iranian federation, was the most threatening to the power of the mullahs.

    The Coming Revolution

  • Since the 1920s the Pahlevi crown, although authoritarian, has pushed in the direction of Iranian secular nationalism while maintaining Shia Islam as a state religion.

    The Coming Revolution

  • Independent Persian dynasties rose to power in 1501 with the Safavids, until the rule of the Pahlevi in 1925.

    The Coming Revolution

  • During the Cold War, the new Shah Reza Pahlevi stood firmly in the pro-American camp as he was severely criticized by the left wing, which was sympathetic to the Soviets, and the liberals, calling for rapid democratization.

    The Coming Revolution

  • Under the Pahlevi a modernized state was established in Persia under the name of Iran.

    The Coming Revolution

  • Iran under the Pahlevi survived World War II even as the Soviets and British exerted influences from the north and the south.

    The Coming Revolution

  • In order to contain the left wing, Reza Pahlevi had to proceed with land reforms and alphabetization.

    The Coming Revolution

  • Shah Reza Pahlevi, whose strings were pulled from Downing Street and Washington, became a brutal dictator who gave the multinational oil companies access to Iranian reserves.

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