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  • n. Alternative spelling of Paleogene.


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  • Most authors continue to regard all Palaeogene 'didelphids' (alphadontids, peradectines and herpetotheriines) as didelphimorphians, and hence as crown-group marsupials, but I'm not aware of any recent phylogenetic studies on the phylogenetic position of these groups (at least, not without checking the literature).

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  • Bijl PK, et al. (2009) Early Palaeogene temperature evolution of the southwest Pacific Ocean.

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  • See esp. the paragraph beginning: "During the early Palaeogene …" which pointedly ends with the exemplary and modest statement: "The nature of the triggering remains unknown."


  • Using palaeogeographic reconstructions and palaeo-oceanographic modelling, we find that strong surface currents flowed from northeast Mozambique and Tanzania eastward towards Madagascar during the Palaeogene period, exactly as required by the

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  • The sudden appearance of anatomically modern pleuronectiform groups in the Palaeogene period matches the pattern repeated by many acanthomorph clades.

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  • It’s also been noted that lagomorphs possess similarities with the pantodonts and dinoceratans of the Palaeogene.

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  • Furthermore, while Fox et al. (1992) were careful to exclude other possible contenders (including crocodyliforms, pterosaurs, lizards, xenarthrans and mesonychians) there were a number of Palaeogene mammal groups that they didn’t exclude, and it would have been more convincing had it been shown that these taxa could also be eliminated from comparison (H. - D. Sues, pers. comm.).

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