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  • The doctors came and went -- Dr. Doddleson once a day, Dr. Jedd two or three times a day -- and every one in villas adjoining and villas opposite, and even in villas round the corner, knew that the stockbroker's stepdaughter lay sick unto death; for the white horses of Dr. Jedd's landau were as the pale horse of the Pale

    Charlotte's Inheritance

  • Named for his favorite booze, VSOP (very superior old pale) brandy, Pale embodies Wilson's version of a modern American Caliban driven by impulse rather than intellect. - News

  • In doing so he not only provides a feast of details but also creates a shadow text that would have amused Vladimir Nabokov in "Pale Fire" mode.

    3 books about Dracula

  • For at least 10 years before his death, Wallace was working on a long novel that he called The Pale King.

    The Joy of Sox

  • Under czarist rule, most Jews were allowed permanent residence only in a restricted area that became known as the Pale of Settlement which included much of present-day Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine and parts of western Russia.

    Moscow museum puts Lenin's Jewish roots on display

  • An ordinary stripe can, depending on its placement, be called a Pale, Bend, Base, Fess or Chief.

    Poetry in Unexpected Places « Write Anything

  • These territories and others made up a vast geographical area called the Pale of Settlement.


  • There have been several pales throughout history, but the one that concerns us here is what was called the Pale of Settlement in Russia, where the Jews were allowed to live.

    Jeff Dorchen: Shibbolethism

  • It ranged from the poverty of Vitebsk, where he was born in 1887 in the Jewish region called the Pale of Settlement on the western edge of the czar's empire, to the dawn of modernism in Paris.

    Shtetl Moderne

  • I always thought Beyond the Pale was a reference to the fact that wenow live outside the Pale of Settlement, an act no longer so subversive since the revolution of 1917.

    Mobius on WBAI Regarding AJC Paper on Antisemitism & The Jewish Left | Jewschool


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