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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the inhabitants and/or native cultures of the North American Arctic region before the rise of the modern Eskimo cultures in the region; of or pertaining to the Saqqaq, Independence I and II, and/or Dorset cultures and/or their peoples.


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paleo- (“old, primeval”) +‎ Eskimo


  • The first inhabitants were several Paleo-Eskimo societies.

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  • With a technology adapted to exploit a resource that the indigenous population of this part of the Arctic could not, the migrants rapidly displaced the late Paleo-Eskimo population that had developed in situ over the previous two millennia from the whole of Nunavut, Ungava – Labrador, and Greenland.

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  • Gilbert MT, Kivisild T, Gronnow B, Andersen PK, Metspalu E, et al. (2008) Paleo-Eskimo mtDNA genome reveals matrilineal discontinuity in Greenland.

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  • The Greenlander belonged to a Paleo-Eskimo culture called the Saqqaq by archaeologists.

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  • Inuk's Ancestry: The 4,000 Year-Old Paleo-Eskimo Genome


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