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  • adj. Of a geologic period within the Cenozoic era; comprises the Paleocene, Eocene and Oligocene epochs from about 65 to 23 million years ago.
  • proper n. The Paleogene period.

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  • n. In geology, a division of the Tertiary, suggested, but not generally adopted, which would embrace the Eocene and Oligocene, while that part of the Tertiary which is newer than Oligocene would be denominated Neogene.


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  • The interests are part of a package of largely non-producing Gulf of Mexico assets, mainly focused on what is known as the Paleogene play, where the major Kaskida discovery was made, that BP agreed to buy from Devon Energy in March.

    BP sells Gulf of Mexico fields to pay for oil spill - Yahoo! Finance

  • The Edenic Period spans the Paleozoic and Mesozoic periods of geologic time as well as the Paleogene, Miocene, Pliocene epochs and the preponderance of the Pleistocene; the Edenic Period is generally an overlap with the Phanerozoic, except that the Edenic Period is defined to have ended in the late Pleistocene prior to the Holocene.

    Edenic Period

  • Gulf of Mexico, many of them in an area of deep water called the Paleogene.

    BP Pays $7 Billion for Offshore Assets

  • Also, yesterday, I read "New Specimens of Lithoptila abdounensis (Aves, Prophaethontidae) from the Lower Paleogene of Morocco," in the September JVP.

    "Pull the blindfold down..."

  • Contourites on the Agulhas Plateau, SW Indian Ocean: Indications for the evolutions of currents since Paleogene times.

    Agulhas Current large marine ecosystem

  • The Cretaceous/Tertiary (KT) boundary a.k.a. the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) boundary.

    Landscape challenge #4

  • The September issue of Geology includes: evidence linking northern California's Lovejoy basalt to Yellowstone hotspot lava outpouring; ecological history of coral reefs in Belize and implications for saving coral reefs worldwide; evidence dating the Chicxulub impact to the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary; comprehensive climate simulation of the end-Permian and implications for mass extinction; and fossil packrat middens reveal a Younger Dryas cold period in the Grand Canyon.

    Law and Nettery

  • Historically, the Cenozoic has been divided up into the Quaternary and Tertiary sub-eras, as well as the Neogene and Paleogene periods.

    Table of geologic time - The Panda's Thumb

  • The 176-micrometre-long bug and its burly-looking dysderidae spider friend were trapped in tree resin during the Paleogene era, which then hardened and became translucent orange amber.

    Wired Top Stories

  • Locating earliest records of orogenesis in western Himalaya: Evidence from Paleogene sediments in the Iranian Makran region and Pakistan Katawaz basin

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News


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