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  • proper n. Arecaceae. A taxonomic family within the order Arecales — the palms, the Palmaceae.

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  • proper n. A natural family of chiefly tropical trees and shrubs; same as palmaceae; coextensive with the order Palmales.


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Latin palma ("palm")


  • Novelties of the genera Parajubaea and Syagrus (Palmae) from interandean valleys of Bolivia.

    Biological diversity in the Tropical Andes

  • Dominant families at the Jaú river mouth are Palmae, Leguminosae and Chrysobalanaceae, and of the middle reaches, Leguminosae, Burseraceae, Palmae, Myristicaceae and Moraceae.

    Central Amazonian Conservation Complex, Brazil

  • Palmae instar totius orbis arboribus longe praestantior.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • "Mangrove: Any of certain shrubs and trees, of the families Rhizophoraceae, Verbenaceae, Sonneratiaceae, and Arecaceae (Palmae) that grow in dense thickets or forests along tidal estuaries, in salt marshes, and on muddy coasts and characteristically have prop root -- i.e. exposed, supporting roots."

    The Annotated "Doin' That Rag"

  • Like other ornamental palms, rattan belongs to the Palmae family.

    Chapter 13


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