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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Palmariaceae.


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  • She was sighted for the last time off the island of Palmaria, entering, with all sails spread, right into the thick of the storm-darkness.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • This bay, at the mouth of which lies the island Palmaria, forms a most noble and secure harbour, capacious enough to contain all the navies in Christendom.

    Travels through France and Italy

  • Shortly after passing Riomaggiore, 51½ miles from Genoa, the Gulf of Spezia comes into view, with the promontory of Porto Venere and the island of Palmaria on the right, and in front numerous capes, the chief of which is Cape Corvo.

    The South of France—East Half

  • To your right, across a tossing strip of blue water, full of green and gold, rises the island of Palmaria, and beyond that two other smaller islands,

    Florence and Northern Tuscany with Genoa With Sixteen Illustrations In Colour By William Parkinson And Sixteen Other Illustrations, Second Edition

  • The year of his death is unknown, but he probably did not live long after reaching Palmaria.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • Some say they have seen her, on stormy nights, wandering among the cliffs: but a sailor-boy assures me, by all the holy things, that the day after the burning of the Castle Chapel -- we never call it anything else -- he met at dawn, off the island of Palmaria, beyond the


  • In the sea is another sea, of molten, rippled silver, or a magic causeway leading to the shining vague offing, the luminous pale sky-line, where the islands of Palmaria and Tino float like unsubstantial, shadowy dolphins.


  • And it is said that when Silverius was dead of a broken heart in the little island of Palmaria, Belisarius repented of his deeds and built the small Church of Santa Maria de 'Crociferi, behind the fountain of

    Ave Roma Immortalis, Vol. 1 Studies from the Chronicles of Rome

  • The island of Palmaria, rich in veined marbles, shelters the port; so that outside the sea rages, while underneath the town, reached by a narrow strait, there is a windless calm.

    Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Second Series

  • Even the sea-opening of the Gulf has its protection by the long coast-line of Tuscany, stretching away to the southward and eastward, so that the security is perfect, and a vessel once anchored within the headlands between Lerici and Palmaria is as safe as in dock.

    Cornelius O'Dowd Upon Men And Women And Other Things In General


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