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  • The album finds songwriter / frontman Tony Dekker searching for an end to loneliness in songs like "Palmistry" and "Stealing Tomorrow," yet feeling hopeful in others, like "Everything is Moving So Fast," in which he sings, "I am unlimited."

    East Village Radio

  • Like Ongiara (Nettwerk, 2007), Lost Channels opens buoyantly: "Palmistry" is an upbeat jangle-pop number that showcases Dekker's hearty voice even as a full band nudges through the subtler spaces.

    San Francisco Bay Guardian: Top Stories

  • The sound of the record itself is an intricate balance between breezy pop and wistful balladry, which isn't unusual for Great Lake Swimmers in one sense, but there's certainly more of a lush push behind songs like "Palmistry" and the recent R3-add, "

    CBC Radio 3

  • Sometimes friends would come to our house to have their fortunes told with playing cards or have their tea cup read or Palmistry.

    The First World War Memoirs of Sampson J. Goodfellow, Part 28: Flashback - Early Childhood

  • Palmistry aside, did you notice what Ms. Palin did not do in that response?

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: Conservanomics: A Church Without Bishops (But it's Got Sarah Palin and Invisible Tax Fairies!)

  • Only an 8 page booklet, it contains Fortune Telling by the Cards, Reading Character from Date of Birth, Signs and Superstitions in Common Use, two beautifully illustrated gems of the months and the language of flower charts, Dreams and their meanings, Palmistry or fortune telling by the palm of the hand, and Fortune Telling by the Grounds in a Tea or Coffee Cup.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • Lorraine had told her that some of the healers were in the early stages of 'training' whatever that meant and were in a separate room to those of the Tarot and Palmistry readings.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • Palmistry is much more than simple “fortune-telling.”


  • I think that if all parents knew at least something of Palmistry, the vast majority of children would be more usefully trained and their proper tendencies developed.

    Palmistry for All

  • We now leave the domain of what must be considered Palmistry, the study of the Lines of the Palm -- or Cheiromancy, as it was called by the Greeks from the word [Greek: cheír], the hand, and proceed to consider the meanings that can be derived from the shapes of the hands, fingers, etc., which is called Cheirognomy.

    Palmistry for All


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