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  • n. A Sahaptin-speaking Native American people formerly inhabiting an area of southeast Washington and northwest Idaho, with present-day descendants in northeast Washington.
  • n. A member of this people.


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  • Palouse, is there any complex of social behaviors that you would consider to be a menace to society?

    Sound Politics: Why Is Seattle Such a Wuss About Strip Clubs?

  • I guess my challenge to Scott and Palouse is to actively oppose the liberals in their efforts to further screw things up.

    Sound Politics: Take It Like A Man

  • Just for the record, and to keep people's heads from exploding, Palouse is agreeing with FullContactPolitics, and not me (or Ferrous).

    Sound Politics: Rumsfeld To Resign

  • I join Palouse in a rational conservative argument that it is appropriate for government to limit its involvement in such matters occurring outside the public eye, under the belief that you simply can't legislate all the morality one likes.

    Sound Politics: Die Nanny State, Die

  • Huckleberry - I think what Palouse is referring to was your implication in your original comment that those that disagree with you are not conservative, that they are better suited for Seattle proper's politics than those outside of it.

    Sound Politics: Die Nanny State, Die

  • i wonder if the mayor undercuts or blows estimates when he buys personal cars, houses or other personal investments; bet not; only with YOUR money; and Palouse is right; it's the "shovel extortion" of starting a project to force your way, then it's too late -- poured concrete waits for no one; analagous to Jesse Jackson showing up at Boeing and forcing hiring practices. extortion any way you look at it;

    Sound Politics: Tunnel of Funny Money

  • Public-sector jobs account for 36% of all employment and 42% of salaries in the region, known as the Palouse, according to EMSI.

    Cuts Reach Campus Oasis

  • Hey Palouse, which is my favorite part of the state by the way, I am in agreement with you.

    Sound Politics: Governor Punts, Editorial Boards Applaud. Voters, what say you?

  • Volunteering for safety services like Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse is a great way to help stop violence.

    The Daily Evergreen News Feed

  • The other recipient of the collected funds is Alternatives to Violence in the Palouse, which is a local organization that offers shelter and support to men and women who are victims of violence, said Amy Bergley, V-Day director and junior anthropology major.

    The Daily Evergreen News Feed


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