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  • proper n. Alternative spelling of Pangaea.


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  • The last supercontinent was called Pangea, which is a Greek word meaning “all land.”

    The Source

  • I discovered this the hard way when I started climbing a line called Pangea, just six bolts protecting an overhanging route rated 5.11d (a fairly hard grade, at least for me) that alternates between really big holds and really small ones that have become polished from high traffic.

    Rattled by Rattlers on a Climb in Mexico

  • So she wished for "a day when the world comes together through film", called Pangea, from the time when all the continents were still together in one single landmass.

    Bruno Giussani: May 10, Pangea Day: Don't Miss The Global Campfire

  • It was formed about 180 million years ago when a large continent called Pangea and ruled by dinosaurs, split down the middle.

    Atlantic Ocean

  • The last supercontinent, known as Pangea, existed between 100 million and 300 million years ago.

    Informed Reader

  • As mentioned in chapter 7, if we place our present-day continents in a jigsaw puzzle configuration, they seem to fit what geologists believe was the last of these consolidated landmasses called Pangea.

    The Source

  • At one point in its past, all the Earth's continents were merged into a giant supercontinent called Pangea.

    Ars Technica

  • From this wish, a grand, global event known as Pangea Day was born.

    Progressive U - The new media voice for students

  • Earth will go through some drastic changes, such as Pangea-II when the American and Asian plates eventually merge in 300 million years after squeezing out the Pacific plate.

    If the Earth is Rare, We May Not Hear from ET | Universe Today

  • While the continents were bumping around the globe, getting acquainted at the geological party known as Pangea, Honduras wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye.

    Honduran History: The Untold Story


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