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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Pannonia.
  • n. A native or inhabitant of Pannonia.


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Pannonia +‎ -an


  • Almost all the action takes place in the village, stifled and trapped by the monotony of the Pannonian Plain - I saw one review which found this setting unrealistic - clearly by someone who had never been there!

    Three Who audiobooks

  • Here, nestled between the Pannonian Plains and the vast expanse of the once-forested Waldviertel, wine making can trace its lineage back to the Roman conquest of 15 B.C., when cities such as Carnuntum were supplied with wine produced from vines planted on what is today the border between Austria and Hungary.

    An Ecclesiastical Heritage

  • He fought as auxiliary officer in the Pannonian wars, he may even have known his later opponenet Germanicus personally, since Germanicus fought in the same war, and I suppose the officers were in contact.

    The Dawn Stag, by Jules Watson. Book review

  • Apparently a Byzantine source from 200 years earlier mentions an emabssy from Constantinople meeting a group of pre-Pannonian Magyars referred to at the time as "Turkoi" in Byzantine sources which says that these Turkoi spoke 'Turkoi' as well as their own special language. SERBIAN SWEARING.

  • Vibulenus, who by their faculty of playing put the Pannonian armies into an extreme tumult and combustion.

    The Advancement of Learning

  • Vitellius had assumed the sovereign title and authority, and frequent expresses brought accounts of new accessions to him; others, however, came, announcing that the Pannonian, Dalmatian, and Moesian legions, with their officers, adhered to Otho.

    The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

  • The revolt of the Pannonian legions was suppressed by Tiberius's son, the younger Drusus.

    c. The Julio-Claudians

  • The provincial armies reacted by nominating their own candidates; the British legions proclaiming the legate D. Clodius Albinus; the Syrian army, C. Pescennius Niger; and the Pannonian legions, L. Septimius Severus.

    f. The Third Century

  • Deak is a fine historian of modern Pannonian political history.

    Genocide in Hungary: An Exchange

  • Its prow juts out between the two great rivers and looks eastward over the great Pannonian Plain (superb words, the flattest I know) that spreads across Hungary towards Central Europe.

    Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: Part V


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