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  • proper n. The ruler of everything, especially as an epithet for Jesus Christ; an artistic depiction of Jesus in this aspect.


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From Latin pantocrator, from Hellenistic Greek παντοκράτωρ (pantokratōr).


  • In the context of the entire cosmos being subject to Christ, the Holy Father referred to the depiction of Christ as "Pantocrator," shown enthroned over the world, on a rainbow.

    Clerical Whispers

  • In this context, the Holy Father referred to the depiction of Christ as "Pantocrator", sometimes shown enthroned over the world, sometimes on a rainbow.

    Insight Scoop | The Ignatius Press Blog

  • The Pantocrator massif, rising to 900m, crosses the top of the island, with lush deserted valleys stretching towards the north coast resorts and a sheer drop to the "corniche" of the north-east, with its luxury villas and small shingle bays overlooking Albania, just 2km away, and the mountains of the mainland in the distance.

    Insiders' guide to Greece

  • Two icons: the Vladimirskaya Madonna and a Serbian Pantocrator.

    04/01/2004 - 05/01/2004

  • On the shelf above the painting area, a line of icons—St. George and the Dragon, the Archangel Michael, Jesus Pantocrator, the Virgin with Child, St. John the Theologian—were lined up in various stages of completion, heading for their final coating of crackling varnish before they would be carried to the tourist shops and the always unpleasant and sometimes nasty bargaining about how much she would be paid and when.

    The Summer of My Greek Tavérna

  • Unlike the suffering, earthbound Christs depicted at eye level on the church walls, our Christ Pantocrator was clearly transcendent, all-powerful, heaven-bestriding.


  • And in the same way my mother will later pray for guidance over my conception, Lefty Stephanides, my great-uncle (among other things) gazes up at the unfinished Christ Pantocrator on the ceiling.


  • In Byzantine art He is the Pantocrator creator of all, motionless, frontal, a figure of great dignity with a hypnotic glance, his right hand raised in blessing, his left hand holding the book of the Gospels, a cruciform halo encircling his head.

    A Handbook of Symbols in Christian Art

  • Surely the Pantocrator didn't mind much, and would receive his dear battered soul into Heaven at the last.

    A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows

  • "You don't know how lovely it is, when the song and incense and candleflames rise up to Christ Pantocrator."

    There Will Be Time


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