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  • proper n. A historical region in the north of Asia Minor, on the shore of the Black Sea, between Bithynia and Pontus


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From Ancient Greek Παφλαγονία (Paphlagonia).


  • The object of the plot was to see how much gold the commissioners and the governor could squeeze out of the situation, and in particular squeeze out of territories bordering Pontus but not actually under the authority of Rome — namely Paphlagonia and Phrygia.

    The Grass Crown

  • Since Paphlagonia was a mountainous country of small villages with few riches besides timber, the king agreed and told them they were now subject to Calas, satrap of the Hellespont region.

    Alexander the Great

  • He left Gordium and traveled several days east to Ancyra, where he was met by an embassy from neighboring Paphlagonia on the southern shores of the Black Sea.

    Alexander the Great

  • Pursued by the Colchians, they land in Paphlagonia, where Argus shows them the route to take (212 – 293). —

    The Argonautica

  • Paphlagonia, in the Gauls, and several times at Carthage.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • [8] But to Cilicia, Cyprus, and Paphlagonia, Cyrus sent no satraps, because they had shown their willingness to march against


  • Phrygias, of Lycaonia, Paphlagonia, and Cappadocia, the Arabians, the Phoenicians, and all the Assyrians under the king of Babylon.


  • On his arrival in Paphlagonia, King Otys234 came, and an alliance was made.


  • After this the ambassadors went on their way, and the Hellenes, as soon as it was thought that sufficient vessels had arrived, went on board ship, and voyaged a day and a night with a fair breeze, keeping Paphlagonia on their left.


  • Paphlagonia would be useful to them; while, if they had to go by sea, the services of the same people would be at a premium; for who but they could furnish ships sufficient for the army?



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