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  • The real questions is not these irrelevant pardons but why is Eric Holder, the infamous stooge in the Biggest Pardongate scandal of any Presidency, now being considdered by Barry to head the Justice dept (incredible!)

    Missing Words Suggest Path to a Pardon - The Caucus Blog -

  • Pardongate - in which Mr. Clinton pardoned Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory (cronies with Hillary's brother, who got a windfall after the pardons); Mark Rich (tax evader involved in suspect Iraqi oil deals); among others.

    I don't hate Hillary...

  • THE TORRES-VIGNALI CONNECTION is explored in detail in a congressional report that resulted from Pardongate, when revelations surfaced that President Clinton granted clemency for Carlos Vignali Jr. — convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to 15 years in federal prison in 1995 — along with other convicted criminals and one-time international fugitive Marc Rich.

    Hillary Says She Would Support Filibuster Of Intel Committee's Telecom Immunity Bill

  • The day after she gets the nod ads about everything from Pardongate to Experiencegate will flood the airwaves.

    Republican Assault On Obama Continues With New Ad Tying Mississippi Dem To Obama, Pelosi, Kerry

  • NAFTA, Pardongate, whatever the meaning of 'is' is, Rwanda, the cave-ins to the insurance and banking industries, etc., tell me that Billary is too corporatist, and works against the interests of the American Working Class.

    Election Central | Talking Points Memo | Entrance Polls Show Sharp Divisions In Dem Party

  • Pardongate actually may have more relevance to how a candidate might perform in office than what a wild and publicity-crazed pastor had to say while exercising his God-given right of free speech at the pulpit.

    Marvin Kitman: Meet the Torquemadas

  • • In a press conference this morning, Barack Obama will introduce his national-security team, which includes Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, Bush holdover Robert Gates as secretary of defense, and Pardongate player Eric Holder as attorney general.

    Obama Unleashes Secretary Clinton : Vanity Fair

  • Their conversation eventually turned to Bill and Hillary Clinton, with Murdoch defending Fox's coverage of "Pardongate."

    How's He Doin'?

  • The gumshoes may yet nab some people for wrongdoing in Pardongate, but the predatory political culture of Washington has turned, finally, to taking its first clear look at the Bush crowd.

    'How's Cheney?'

  • Clinton hatred was bad, I remember (not just Monica, but Somolia, sexual harassment, perjury, Chinese money, Pardongate, etc.), but Bush hatred is clearly of a different order.

    remembrance of zings past


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