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  • n. A dessert consisting of a ring of choux pastry filled with praline and topped with flaked almonds


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French from the names of the two cities


  • We made a Paris-Brest, which is (bottom to top): pate a choux with nuts, hazelnut pastry cream, pate a choux, more pastry cream, nougatine (!)

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • The dessert called Paris-Brest is not usually my kind of treat: it is a sort of giant profiterole: a bit girlie for me, but popular in patisseries all over France. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • So you have your amandines and your Paris-Brest which is a long delicate cream-filled pastry like an eclair and your Religeuses which look sinful and your Mocha Eclairs and dozens of other petite delicacies.

    What I cooked last night.

  • Mr. Ansel's interpretation of a Paris-Brest uses soft caramel, chocolate ganache and peanut butter cream.

    Save Room for Dessert

  • His so-called Paris-Metz is a riff on the classic Paris-Brest, created in the late 19th century to celebrate the grueling 750-mile bike race from the country's capital to the western edge of Brittany.

    Flora Lazar: Pastry Outside of Paris: Museum and 'Mets' in Metz

  • He is synonymous with the joy of desserts for dieters such as his delicious signature Paris-Brest concoction made with egg whites and a smattering of whipped cream ( "It is the amount of cream that is the assassin," he says).

    French Master Chef Reinvents His Art

  • In the classic bistro dessert the Paris-Brest, its piped into the shape of a tire, layered with cream, and garnished with almonds.


  • Paris-Brest: ring of choux, piped with a star tip and topped with almonds before baking, cut in half like a bagel then filled with six blobs of a mixture of pastry cream, buttercream, and praline paste

    A Place for Your Stuff

  • Agâteau Paris-Brest is usually a ring of choux pastry filled with praline-flavored buttercream.


  • The Paris-Brest brevet, first held in 1891, is the Tour de France of randonneuring. Chronicle


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