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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Paradisaeidae.


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  • Both the fire-maned bowerbird and Wahnes's parotia (Parotia wahnesi) are considered vulnerable.

    Northern New Guinea montane rain forests

  • The ecoregion contains a total of sixteen endemic and near-endemic species (Table 2), including the vulnerable Wahnes's parotia (Parotia wahnesi).

    Huon Peninsula montane rain forests

  • Whereas the EBA contains a total of fifty-three restricted-range birds, this ecoregion contains only some of them, twenty-seven of which are shared with the Central Range montane rain forests ecoregion, one of which is also found in the Central Range sub-alpine grasslands, and two of which are found nowhere else on Earth: the streaked bowerbird (Amblyornis subalaris) and eastern parotia (Parotia helenae).

    Southeastern Papuan rain forests

  • It shares Wahnes's parotia (Parotia wahnesi) and the olive-streaked honeyeater (Ptiloprora guisei) with the mountains of the Huon Peninsula, but the fire-maned bowerbird (Sericulus bakeri) is found nowhere else on Earth but this ecoregion.

    Northern New Guinea montane rain forests

  • It was named by Boddaert, Paradisea sexpennis, and forms the genus Parotia of Viellot.

    The Malay Archipelago

  • This mystery was finally solved when I discovered it listed as a subspecies of Parotia carolae, Carola’s Parotia a bird-of-paradise in Clements’ list.

    Berlepsch’s Six-wired Bird-of-Paradise: Species or Subspecies?

  • Parotia berlepschi, Berlepsch’s Six-wired Bird-of-Paradise treated by Clements as a subspecies of Parotia carolae, Carola’s Parotia

    Who Was Berlepsch?


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