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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), influential French mathematician and philosopher.
  • n. A supporter or follower of Blaise Pascal.


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Pascal +‎ -ian


  • I have come to realize there are two philosophies of bicycle mechanics: what one might term Pascalian and Cartesian.

    Cool Tools

  • The Pascalian principle that wagering on a notional truth is as good as treating it as a certainty holds for the determination we have at Cannes to outstare a basilisk movie, or to die in the attempt.

    GreenCine Daily: Weekend fests and events.

  • Rationality and Religious Theism, for instance, Joshua L. Golding adopts a broadly Pascalian strategy in defense of what he calls “religious theism.”


  • The fideist, decisionist, and absurdist traditions in Christianity seem so much more compelling to me (were I to choose): Pauline conversion; Tertullian apologetics; Pascalian wagering; Kierkegaardian fearfulness and faith-leaping; Calvinist depravity and helplessness.

    John Seery: An Egghead's Eggnog Tidings

  • To consider a contrast, French thought falls under two types — the Cartesian, and the Pascalian.

    Democracy, evolution, and progress

  • Recent work on Pascalian wagering has a bearing on work on the nature of faith (is it voluntary or involuntary?), its value (when, if ever, is it a virtue?), and relation to evidence (insofar as faith involves belief, is it possible to have faith without evidence?).

    Philosophy of Religion

  • A proto-Pascalian passage from Descartes Second Replies:

    Cartesian Assent

  • Duhem has a Pascalian view of the human mind, which means he thinks there are two major kinds of mentality.

    German Science

  • This is Duhem's Pascalianism; in the Pascalian aphorism he likes to quote, with regard to the basic principles common sense provides, "We have an impotence to prove that is invincible to any dogmatism and an idea of truth that is invincible to any skepticism."

    The White Shell; and Duhem's Realism

  • Other accomplishments in physics included a compelling measurement of the speed of sound (showing that sound travels at the same speed, no matter the nature of its pitch), and the first satisfactory interpretation of the Pascalian barometry experiment.

    Pierre Gassendi


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