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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the Easter.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to the Passover.


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From Latin paschālis; ultimately from Hebrew פסח (pésakh).


  • The term Paschal Tide was usually interpreted to mean the two weeks between Palm and Low Sundays (Synod of Avignon, 1337); by St. Antonine of Florence it was restricted to

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11: New Mexico-Philip

  • First of all it refers to Christ’s Passion, his Death and Resurrection, and his Ascension -- what we call the Paschal Mystery.

    Archive 2008-04-20

  • When it is said, then, that they were going to eat the Pasch on the fifteenth day of the month, it is to be understood that the Pasch there is not called the Paschal lamb, which was sacrificed on the fourteenth day, but the Paschal food -- that is, the unleavened bread -- which had to be eaten by the clean.

    Summa Theologica, Part III (Tertia Pars) From the Complete American Edition

  • The Hebrew word is pasach, to pass. 1 The lamb slain was called the Paschal Lamb.

    Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning

  • Just like Christians in ancient times, Capitol Drive Lutheran Church parishioners started the Easter Vigil at sundown with a bonfire from which one candle, called the Paschal candle, was lighted.

  • "Paschal," he cried, sinking into a chair and spreading both hands helplessly on the table before him, "it is _he!

    Old Fires and Profitable Ghosts

  • "Paschal," said he, when at length I drew back, "this must not come to my lady's ears.

    Old Fires and Profitable Ghosts

  • "Paschal," he went on, "you are my servant, but my friend also, I hope.

    Old Fires and Profitable Ghosts

  • In a recent pamphlet, government lawmaker Paschal Donohoe acknowledged that "the idea that Ireland should default on sovereign debt is gaining ground."

    Ireland Surely Can't Betray its History

  • A few years later when I was living in a Jewish student's coop, someone called around Passover asking to find out if non-Jews were allowed to see the Paschal sacrifice of the lamb.

    Lev Raphael: Minority Report


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