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  • proper n. The daughter of Helios and the sister of Circe. She was raised as a princess at Cholchis, and then given in marriage to King Minos of Crete. With Minos, she was the mother of Ariadne, Androgeus, Glaucus, Deucalion, Phaedra, and Catreus. She was also the mother of the Minotaur.


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Gk. Πασιφάη (Pasipháē)


  • Xenophon mentions the tale of "Bacchus and Ariadne," Pantomimically played, and Martial tells us he saw the whole story of "Pasiphae," minutely represented on the stage of the _Mimis_, and Plautus, in his epilogue to "Casina," has --

    A History of Pantomime

  • Suddenly we were having an intimate conversation about some relative of his, Pasiphae, and how she hired a famous architect to build her a wooden cow.

    Women Making Love to Monsters

  • (Her mother, Pasiphae, had an unnatural craving for a white bull, the complicated satisfaction of which led to the birth of her half-brother, the Minotaur.)

    Helen Mirren Breathes Passion

  • "How many Cretins does it take to screw a Pasiphae? .."

    Da Minotaur He Very Sore

  • In days past the maiden Ariadne, daughter of Minos, with kindly intent rescued Theseus from grim contests — the maiden whom Pasiphae daughter of Helios bare.

    The Argonautica

  • They are pretty vague about wut queen Pasiphae was actually up to hiding in the wooden cow.. e.

    we’re in ur iliad stealin ur myths - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • It is beyond a doubt that in Egypt many women set the same example with goats, as Pasiphae did with her bull.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • When he came to me on Pasiphae and showed me the disk, I was intrigued; the code used was top-level military grade, so whatever was on it had been very, very important to someone.

    Yucatan, Part The First

  • The moral of that story -- that Ixion's unnatural lust for the goddess, compunded by the fact that it was in fact a cloud or, in other accounts, the cloud nymph Nephele with whom he slept, could only produce monsters -- is echoed in other myths, such as that of Pasiphae and the Minotaur.

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  • Pasiphae doth of her bull, whom she endeavoured to engage by all the coquetry practised with good success in the drawing room on the much more sensible as well as tender hearts of the fine gentlemen there.

    The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling


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