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  • adj. Pauline (related to the apostle Paul or his writings).
  • n. A supporter or follower of the apostle Paul.
  • n. A follower of Paul of Samosata, a bishop of Antioch in the third century, who was deposed for denying the divinity of Christ.


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Paul +‎ -ian


  • If it is true that the studied neglect of data to hold tight to a paradigm is the best evidence that the paradigm is about to collapse, then the massive and highly subjective neglect of all things Paulian is specific evidence that the country is moving in Paul's direction.

    Ron Paul Can Win

  • The ending is a JFK assassination theory with a Ron Paulian (!) twist.

    Charles N. Brown (1937–2009), R.I.P.

  • This Details magazine profile of Rand Paul is getting some play, and for good reason: reporter Jonathan Miles plums new depths of Paulian ignorance or at least insouciance about how the world as we know it came to be.

    Rand Paul hits a hazard

  • Paulian voters are like cockroaches and may turn out in the thousands for one day of mayham ...

    Poll: Edwards, Huckabee Lead In Iowa

  • Paulian thinking that we need only jack around with the currency to restore American prosperity is literally "backward".

    How an Iranian 'Oil Bourse' Threatens the American Empire

  • Patouillet, Chaudon, Nonnotte, and the ex-Jesuit Paulian, are merely fanatics in a corner — contemptible beings whom we do not think of guarding against.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Paulian to elevate the ex-Jesuit Nonnotte to be a father of the church, and to canonize the Jesuits Malagrida, Guignard, Garnet, and Oldham, and all other Jesuits to whom God has granted the grace of being hanged or quartered; they were all of them great metaphysicians, great philosophico-theologians.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Who would believe that the souls of Garasse, Nonnotte, Paulian, Fréron, and he of Langliviet, calling himself La Beaumelle, were in this respect of the same temper as those of Cæsar, Cicero, St. Cyril, and of the secretary of the grand seignior?

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Paulian, who repeats the story, so discredited and absurd, that the emperor Julian, after being mortally wounded in a battle with the

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • I would say as much for the Jesuit Malagrida, who was still more infatuated and mad than Nicholas Anthony; as I would also for the ex-Jesuits Patouillet and Paulian, should they ever be brought to the stake.

    A Philosophical Dictionary


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