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  • n. Plural form of Paulist.


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  • The name Paulists, however, was also applied to the members of congregations established under the patronage of

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11: New Mexico-Philip

  • His mind was full of the religious problems of Europe, and the notion of Paulists for Europe, differing in details from American Paulists but identical in spirit, soon occupied his thoughts.

    Life of Father Hecker

  • The Paulists started with four men, and there have never been very many of them.

    For The Bible Tells Me So: Remembering Rev. Lawrence Boadt

  • On that hot July morning, about 400 people -- including a large chunk of the people who comprise American religious publishing -- gathered in the huge stone church in the shadow of Lincoln Center that's run by Boadt's order, the Paulists.

    For The Bible Tells Me So: Remembering Rev. Lawrence Boadt

  • The Paulists think our campaign finance system should revert to the pre-Watergate rules, going far beyond the conservative Supreme Court ruling earlier this year in the Citizens United case, with corporations and other wealthy interests giving as much as they want (except for those holding federal contracts).

    Rand Paul's Gospel

  • The other area of maximum opportunity for the Democrats, and maximum vulnerability for the Paulists, is on education.

    Rand Paul's Gospel

  • The Paulists are so committed to minimal government that they don't think there should be a central bank or other federal body to regulate the money supply; they want to terminate the Federal Reserve, not reform it.

    Rand Paul's Gospel

  • If that weren't enough, the Paulists would shut off all college student aid -- Pell Grants, direct loans, Title IX funding -- and as a result deny millions of Americans an opportunity to get a college degree.

    Rand Paul's Gospel

  • As George Will recently pointed out, the Paulists cherish their individual rights and their freedom from government intrusion to such a high degree that it trumps the civil rights of African-Americans to be treated equally at lunch counters and private clubs.

    Rand Paul's Gospel

  • The Paulists would not just stop that progress dead in its tracks -- they would also rob the country of any national leadership and profoundly undermine our ability to get out of the competitive hole we're sinking deeper into internationally.

    Rand Paul's Gospel


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