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  • n. Plural form of Pecheneg.


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  • Simeon in return called the Pechenegs, another fierce

    The Balkans A History of Bulgaria—Serbia—Greece—Rumania—Turkey

  • I got the guns from Seamus; they wanted Pechenegs, big Russian jobs, handguns, silencers, the works.

    The Bloomsday Dead

  • He was forced to abandon Bulgaria in order to resist the Patzinaks (Pechenegs), who had entered southern Russia from the east and were threatening Kiev.

    d. Kievan Russia

  • Under Arpad (d. 907) they had come from southern Russia by way of Moldova, driven on by the Patzinaks (Pechenegs) and other Asian peoples.

    e. Hungary

  • In the meantime the Magyars, driven westward by the Patzinaks (Pechenegs), advanced into Transylvania and Pannonia, which were lost to the Bulgars.


  • In this period many Pechenegs and Szeklers were also established for frontier protection.


  • Even cloister dwellers had heard, years ago, how the Pechenegs themselves fled to the Rusi, begging for succor.

    The Boat of a Million Years

  • Bulgaria and a gift of corn; the adventurous Svyatoslav lost his life at the hands of the Pechenegs while making his way back to Kiev.

    The Balkans A History of Bulgaria—Serbia—Greece—Rumania—Turkey

  • The avenging Pechenegs were waiting in ambush for his return.

    A Short History of Russia

  • Then enlisting the aid of the Pechenegs, a ferocious Tatar tribe, he returned with such fury, and inflicted such atrocities, that the Greek Emperor begged for mercy and offered to pay any price to be left alone.

    A Short History of Russia


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