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  • See Beijing.

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  • n. capital of the People's Republic of China in the Hebei province in northeastern China; 2nd largest Chinese city


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  • Take the Province of Quebec and this province, take your great granaries in the grain-raising provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, which are similar to the Manchurian Provinces, take the province in which Peiping is located, the Province of Hopei, on down the coast, a territory which might be likened to the original thirteen colonies.

    Present Conditions In China

  • After graduating from college in Peiping, he went to the United States where he obtained his B.A. degree from Johns Hopkins, his M.A. from Harvard, and his Ph.D. from Columbia.

    The Fight for Democracy in China

  • The mere fact that asylum was accorded by the Japanese Legation in Peiping to Chang's followers after his defeat is ample evidence.

    The Fight for Democracy in China

  • † After establishing the PRC, the Communists not only changed the name of the capital, currently called Peiping (“Northern Peace”), back to Peking (“Northern Capital”) but adopted a different method of spelling in the Latin alphabet, which resulted in the capital being called Beijing.

    The Last Empress

  • "Peiping," as Secretary of State Dean Rusk scoffed, blatantly demeaning the Chinese, was to blame.

    Stanley Kutler: Obama and the Limits of Power

  • In the case of Greece, as of Vietnam, the Administration insisted that the "internal aggressors" were merely agents of a global conspiracy directed by Moscow or "Peiping," in both cases in defiance of available evidence; [8] though, even if it were true, US intervention would not have been permissible without Security Council authorization.

    A Special Supplement: Vietnam: How Government Became Wolves

  • Both Wang and Chiang had sent lobbyists to Mukden to gain the allegiance of the Young Marshal, who announced his support of Chiang, allowing Nationalist soldiers to take over what was now called Peiping without a fight and negating Wang’s new government.

    The Last Empress

  • Roosevelt announced, "The Government of the United States has decided to withdraw the America Marine detachments now remaining ashore in China at Peiping, at Tientsin, and Shanghai..."

    Beth Crumley: 1st Battalion, 4th Marines Does "Whatever it Takes"

  • When the military junta under Gordov gained control, Kaganovich was brought back from Peiping to add legitimacy to the new arrangement.

    DBTL 36: Meet the New Boss

  • Kaganovich was making a state visit to Peiping during Stalin's death, and so was able to avoid involvement in the subsequent power struggle in Moscow.

    DBTL 36: Meet the New Boss


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