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  • proper n. Also Peloponnesus; the peninsula forming the southern part of the mainland of Greece. One of the 13 peripheries of Greece; it contains Achaea, Arcadia, Argolis, Corinthia, Elia, Laconia and Messenia. Known as Morea in medieval times.


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From Ancient Greek Πελοπόννησος.


  • Their armies were forming a defensive line at the Isthmus of Corinth, gateway to the Peloponnese, that is, about forty miles to the southwest of Athens.

    The Battle of Salamis

  • Was it not Eubulus who proposed the decree, while the ambassador to the Peloponnese was the defendant Aeschines?

    The Public Orations of Demosthenes, volume 1

  • Elis [n] in the Peloponnese is his; he has recently intrigued against

    The Public Orations of Demosthenes, volume 2

  • The Peloponnese is a large peninsula and region in southern Greece.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • When the flame arrives, from Olympia in the Peloponnese where the first ancient Games was held, it will begin a 70-day journey around England, Wales, Northern Island, Scotland and outlying islands.

    Olympic flame to travel to London by trains, boats and planes

  • It all amounts to evidence in support of the belief that, back in 2004, the International Olympic Committee missed the opportunity to award its tournament to Greece on a permanent basis, on a site specially constructed in the Peloponnese, adjacent to the venue of the ancient Games.

    Homeland security should be foreign concept for London Olympics | Richard Williams

  • He also received reports of King Agis and the Spartans launching a new revolt in the Peloponnese and on Crete.

    Alexander the Great

  • Antipater, ruling in his name in Macedonia, had sent an additional force of mercenaries and Thracian cavalry to meet him on his return from Siwa, but this was fewer than a thousand men, an indication that affairs in Greece were unsettled, especially with King Agis of Sparta still causing trouble from his base in the Peloponnese.

    Alexander the Great

  • At the same time he sent Cleander, brother of Coenus, to the Peloponnese in southern Greece to recruit mercenaries from the neighbors of Sparta.

    Alexander the Great

  • Horsemen sped to Arcadia, Argos, and Elis, all in the distant Peloponnese.

    Alexander the Great


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