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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Phasianidae.


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  • He became jealous of the talents of his nephew, Talos, whom Ovid here calls Perdix; and, envying his inventions of the saw, the compasses, and the art of turning, he killed him privately.

    The Metamorphoses of Ovid Literally Translated into English Prose, with Copious Notes and Explanations

  • There are several other high-elevation specialists, such as the Himalayan snowcock (Tetraogallus himalayensis), Tibetan partridge (Perdix hodgsoniae), snow partridge (Lerwa lerwa), Satyr tragopan (Tragopan satyra), lammergeier, and the Himalayan griffon, that also need conservation attention.

    Eastern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows

  • Birds include chukar (Alectoris chukar), partridge (Perdix perdix) and eagles (Aquila spp.).

    Eastern Anatolian deciduous forests

  • The sand dune deserts of Tsugar els and Altan els have Tolai hare Lepus tolai, daurian partridge Perdix dauuricae, houbara and great bustards Chlamydotis undulata and Otis tarda (VU); and the specialized species five-toed dwarf jerboa Cardiocranius paradoxus (VU) and northern three-toed jerboa Dipos sagitta.

    Uvs Nuur Basin, Russian Federation, Republic of Tuva and Mongolia

  • His sister had placed her son Perdix under his charge to be taught the mechanical arts.

    The Story of Daedalus |

  • Athenians transferred Cretan Daedalus as Athenian-born, the grandson of the ancient king Erechtheus, who fled to Crete, having killed his nephew, Perdix.

    The Story of Daedalus |

  • The Bartavelle or Greek partridge, Perdix rufa, or Tetrao rufus fabled to subsist upon moon-beams, and to eat fire at the full moon. CHUKAR.

  • - The European (or gray) partridge (Perdix perdix);

    5 Chicken

  • He was willing, though, to teach others all he knew, and sister, living near, sent her son, Perdix, to him to learn what he could.

    Classic Myths

  • "I brought home yesterday the backbone of a great fish cast up by the sea, and I made this like it, but of iron; that is all," said Perdix.

    Classic Myths


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