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  • proper n. Father of Hezron.


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Hebrew פרץ.


  • URIEL PEREZ, CHOWCHILLA: Perez was a consistent force as Chowchilla's No. 1, often winning in straight sets. front

  • A couple of interesting player substitutions to make note of, as Travis "tuBBy" Bechtol will be replacing Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen for EG, and Joe "perez" Perez is subbing in for Ediz

    GotFrag eSports Stories

  • Put in your K guy (perez/motte) to relieve the jam, then throw in a long guy for an inning or two … out of curiosity, why would a catcher ever setup on the corner with Perez if he ever has anytrhing other than BOB

    Viva El Birdos

  • Omaha Perez is an up and coming talent whose self-published graphic novel Bodhisattva shows the promise of a long, fruitful career.

    Bodhisattva GN | Kung Fu Rodeo

  • While Perez is the No. 1 scoring option for the Gents, Starring is certainly capable of being a close No. 2.

    Summit League

  • Alvin Perez, 41, was suspended for two months without pay after an internal-affairs investigation and then was reinstated to the force ....

    Denver Deputy Suspended For Macing Rabbit

  • Resourceful like the heroines she portrays, Perez is often key to her productions, not merely because she plays the leads, but also due to her real-world abilities.

    Fan Film Vamp Valerie Perez Back As Paula Peril! | Fan Cinema Today

  • Martin Perez with his testicles destroyed by bullets.

    2010 February « Anglican Samizdat

  • It seems like the gay/lesbian community has two perfect spokesmen in Perez Hilton and Barney – they should be proud.

    Frank slams Obama for 'big mistake' on Defense of Marriage Act (updated)

  • A new actor has come in to replace “Donkey” and Perez is reporting that a “show doctor” has been brought in to “save the production.”

    Page 2 | /Film


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