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  • proper n. Alternative form of Pergamum.


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From Ancient Greek Πέργαμον.


  • In order to pass its last year of decrepitude in style, the museum is opening a suitably enormous show next week about the ancient city of Pergamon, featuring a panorama recreation of the city itself.

    Kreuzberg Bellyaches Over Kebab Tourism

  • Stylish Decrepitude The Pergamon Museum, finished in 1930, is one of Berlin's leading tourist attractions.

    Kreuzberg Bellyaches Over Kebab Tourism

  • He had found parts of the Pergamon that I hadn't, and vice-versa; in the end I wish I had been able to spend more time there.


  • Quite literally an Island of Museums -- a.k.a. an art nerd's paradise -- the collections are a highlight reel from Gardner's Art through the Ages: The Great Altar of Pergamon, the monumental Ishtar Gate of Babylon, Queen Nefertiti spotlit in all her glory, and the like.

    Rebecca Taylor: Los Angeles and Berlin: Sister Cities

  • To quote George de Hevesy (Adventures in Radioisotope Research, Vol. 1, p. 27, Pergamon, New York, 1962), who talks about von Laue's medal: I suggested that we should bury the medal, but Bohr did not like this idea as the medal might be unearthed.

    The Nobel Prize Medals and the Medal for the Prize in Economics

  • Foremost among the museums is the Pergamon, named for the large reconstructed Greek temple altar from 170 B.C. Equally impressive are the reconstructed Assyrian palace, with its half-human winged guardians, and the enormous Ishtar Gate of Babylon, which one walks to through the original processional way of painted yellow lions on blue glazed bricks.

    Scott S. Smith: The New Berlin on a Budget

  • The film — shot in Berlin's Tempelhof airport and Pergamon Museum, an Athens meat market and amphitheater, as well as a Modernist glass beach house on Hydra — is being shown in New York for the first time since its 2007 U.S. premiere.

    Taking Senses to the Extreme

  • Now Berlin's Pergamon Museum is expanding that window with a year-long show called "Pergamon: Panorama of the Ancient Metropolis."

    Conjuring a Wonder of the Ancient World

  • Laif/Redux A panoramic re-creation of Pergamon in A.D. 129, showing its famous altar, is part of an exhibition in Berlin.

    Conjuring a Wonder of the Ancient World

  • The roughly 80-foot-high panorama, printed on canvas, shows the architectural monuments of Pergamon's soaring acropolis, including its famous library, which rivaled Alexandria's and pioneered the use of parchment.

    Conjuring a Wonder of the Ancient World


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