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  • adj. Of or relating to Pericles, a Greek politician who lived in the ancient times.


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  • But his finest works belong to the time of Pericles, who was his friend as well as patron, and made him the master over all the great public works at Athens during what we speak of as the Periclean age.

    A History of Art for Beginners and Students Painting, Sculpture, Architecture

  • Pearson drew his members from middle-class liberals, socialists, and feminists, and over the lifespan of the club (1885-1889), discussions ranged from sexual relations in Periclean Athens to the position of Buddhist nuns, to sexuality and its relation to marriage, prostitution, and friendship.

    The Men and Women’s Club | Edwardian Promenade

  • Gelderman writes that Gerald Ford, whom no one ever called Periclean, delivered a speech on average every six hours during the election year of 1976 (including such things as press conference announcements as well as formal speeches).

    A Weird Sincerity

  • Compared to this group, Mark Rudd and the Columbia University sit-ins of 1968 were Periclean Athens.

    Squatting on Wall Street

  • Periclean democracy, meet Athenian mob rule: Tens of thousands are rampaging through the capital and other large cities this week in protest against

    The Greek Economy Explained

  • Verily, we live in a Periclean age compared to our poor cousins across the Atlantic.

    Are You Smarter than the US Congress? Almost Certainly.

  • Miletus, the Periclean golden age, the Spanish Inquisition, the European Conquest, no world religion, no ruling class ideology were holy enough to destroy millions of promising brains, to cast them into the Moloch of the superstructural Mental Holocaust.

    Venezuela: The Serpentine Road from Bourgeois Revolution to Proletarian Emancipation

  • That, to me, was the meaning of his much maligned Periclean backdrop at the Democratic Convention.

    Marcia DeSanctis: Professor Obama

  • As commercial practices grew and merchant capitalism copied from the Phoenician model developed, such sharing was replaced by the concentration of wealth which produced the Periclean age.

    Energy and Society~ Chapter 4~ Sail and Trade

  • Our so-called conservatives, who have cut all ties to their own intellectual moorings, now espouse policies and personalities that would get them laughed out of Periclean Athens.

    GreenCine Daily: Shorts, 3/19.


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