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  • proper n. State in western Malaysia which has Kangar as its capital.


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From Malay Perlis.


  • The fined worshippers belonged to the Al Zikri Awwalun group based in the northern state of Perlis, which is considered a deviant branch of Islam by the Malaysian authorities, and which celebrated this year's Eid on Wednesday.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • Eden draws on the DeMillo, Lipton, Perlis (1979) as early evidence of this paradigm.

    Three Paradigms of Research in Computer Science « Beki's Blog (there's an original name)

  • I disagree, however, with referring to my recent editorial in the Communication of the ACM as somehow engaging in a “debate” with Demillo Lipton and Perlis.

    Scholarly Debates: Revisiting Ethnography Considered Harmful « Beki's Blog (there's an original name)

  • To prevent it from mushrooming into a chronic problem, try to "tough it out," says Dr. Perlis.

    Dawn of A New Sleep Drug?

  • And if you do conk out and end up taking a nap, Dr. Perlis says to "balance the books" by going to bed even later than usual the next night.

    Dawn of A New Sleep Drug?

  • "There are patients who literally move their entire house into their bedroom," which then becomes associated with a host of distractions instead of sleep, says Michael Perlis , director of the behavioral sleep medicine program at the University of Pennsylvania, who has done work for drug companies.

    Dawn of A New Sleep Drug?

  • Perlis described how Forbes's online media has succeeded because it has adapted quickly to the changing ways that people consume information.

    David Kroodsma: 40 Interviews in Davos

  • Alan Perlis said "to understand a program you must become both the machine and the program."

    Interview With A Graphic Designer

  • Nickname "Northen Lions" or Singa Utara, football club from Northen state Perlis, last year Malaysia Cup champions the most prestigue cup in Malaysia League.

    Perlis FA 2005/06 Super League

  • Thilakraj said ... those were great times and great kits btw. i remember adoring David Mitchell when he was playin for selangor. u have the old kedah jersey as well? the one andre luis nacimento and che zambil use to wear? i'm a kedah fan, and we totally kicked ur ass, if ur a Perlis, Perak, Pahang or Selangor fan. lol! good blog. i'll surf here more often.

    Selangor FA Great era shirt/kits


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