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  • n. A supporter or Juan Perón and/or Eva Perón and/or their regime.
  • n. An adherent of modern-day Peronism, including any of the political parties that self-identify as such.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to Juan Perón or his regime.
  • adj. Adhering to or describing modern-day Peronism, including any of the political parties that self-identify as such.


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  • He created the Partido Unico de la Revolucion, which became more commonly known as the Peronist or Justicialista party (PJ).


  • The two largest traditional political parties are the Justicialist Party (PJ -- also called Peronist), founded in 1945 by Juan Domingo Peron, and the Union Civica Radical (UCR), or Radical Civic Union, founded in 1891.


  • While support for farmers rose, the government was increasingly forced to rely on the backing of groups that many Argentines consider unacceptable, such as Peronist unions, which have often been linked to corruption, or bands of piqueteros, unemployed people from the barrios who depend heavily on government social programs.

    Argentina's Kirchner Rebuked

  • Then there's the "Peronist" gambit in which one might think of the historic Evita Peron, except for the fact that when it comes to Andrew the tres-campier Madonna is no doubt first in his mind.


  • Gustavo Ferrari, a congressman for a dissident faction of the ruling Peronist party in Buenos Aires province, said during a committee hearing that the Mothers had grown to be the second-largest home builder in Argentina, but he added that Meldorek was billing the equivalent of about $40,000 for a house that other contractors built for $25,000.

    Mothers on the March Again in Argentina—Into Scandal

  • He was considered a rising star in La Cámpora, a youth group of die-hard supporters of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner and her leftist faction of the Peronist Party.

    Argentina Deputy Commerce Secretary Found Dead

  • Mrs. Kirchner is betting those young faces will prove more loyal than the union bosses, city mayors and other traditional bastions of Peronist power.

    Argentina Deputy Commerce Secretary Found Dead

  • But to economists, they look like an austerity program designed to correct an spending explosion by her Peronist party that helped propel Mrs. Kirchner's landslide re-election in October.

    Era of Argentine Subsidies Ending

  • In return, Mr. Moyano has been allowed to increase his political influence, becoming leader of the governing Peronist party in vast Buenos Aires province.

    Argentina Unions Call Off Strike

  • But he said the independent-minded Mrs. Kirchner is going to have to lean more heavily than she would like to on the vote-mobilizing capacity of leaders of her Peronist party in massive Buenos Aires Province—including Gov.

    Argentine Leader Hits Bump in Election


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