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  • n. Plural form of Peronist.


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  • Nationalists you know them as Nazis and Facists, but there are others, such as Peronists, the PKK, the Lega Nord, and yes, even the USSR era communists and French Gallists pretty much said the same things.

    An oath to the Constitution, not the president

  • But the attacks haven't gained much traction, in part because the Peronists have been adept at spreading the wealth to key constituencies.

    Argentine President Secures Second Term

  • Mrs. Kirchner's faction of the Peronists won a majority of both the House and Senate Sunday.

    Kirchner's 'Eternal' Issue

  • "One worry for her is that since Nestor was the political operator, what happens if the Peronists start smelling weakness and indecisiveness?" said Rice University political scientist Mark Jones.

    Ex-Argentine President N

  • He could emerge as a consensus candidate to unite pro-Kirchner forces and dissident Peronists.

    Ex-Argentine President N

  • While Ricardo Alfonsín is appealing to those who are unhappy with the current power structure, many Argentines question whether a Radical politician could maintain governability of a system permeated with Peronists from the Congress to labor unions.

    Argentina's President Leads in Key Primary

  • Hopes for an alliance between Federal Peronists who oppose the kirchnerista Peronists and the center-right mayor of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, waned last week after a Federal Peronists' primary generated an exceedingly low turn-out and was riddled with charges of fraud.

    Kirchner Copies Peron's Model

  • Argentine President Cristina Kirchner has not yet declared herself a candidate in the October presidential election, but her government and her party—the Kirchner wing of the Peronists—are already in full campaign-mode.

    Kirchner Copies Peron's Model

  • Active in the youth wing of the Peronist Party, the populist movement started by its namesake, the strongman Juan Peron, Mr. Kirchner was jailed briefly during a brutal 1970s-era military dictatorship that targeted university students, leftists and progressive Peronists.

    Ex-Argentine president Nestor Kirchner dies at 60

  • Born in the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz, Kirchner and his wife were active in the Young Peronists party as students in La Plata, where he graduated in 1976.

    Nestor Kirchner DEAD: Ex-Argentine President Dies Of Heart Attacks In Calafate


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