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  • n. Genitive form of Perseus used when naming stars, such as α Persei.


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  • * Three stars = in the words of Lurr from Omicron Persei VIII: “Okay, not great.”

    Tanya Huff’s SMOKE AND ASHES « Urban Fantasy Land

  • It's true what they say, males are from Omicron Persei 6 and females are from Omicron Persei 9 ...

    Not that I troll MMORPG sites...

  • That first citation is from a source on Twenty-nine Persei VI and dates back about a hundred years.


  • That's about right; the boundaries I was considering for the whole patrol area, at least to start with, would be defined by 218 Persei to the Galactic north, 780 Arietis to the south, and the 'east-west' distance along the lines from 56 Arietis to iota Andromedae; about half a Galactic degree.

    My Enemy My Ally

  • And here came Persei into view and with her, one way or another, an end to everything which had been.

    The Rebel Worlds

  • The gig left Rommel and surrendered to control from Persei.

    The Rebel Worlds

  • He hated to tie up Persei when every gun spelled life to his outnumbered forces.

    The Rebel Worlds

  • Nova Persei, which blazed 22 February, 1901, and was photographically studied by Father Sidgreaves at Stonyhurst, is the most noteworthy recent instance of the phenomenon.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 2: Assizes-Browne

  • Padi ruentis impetu torrentior, magna sonorae grandinis ui densior, flammis corusci fulguris uibratior, 5 iam nunc per auras Persei talaribus petasoque ditis Arcados uectus uola. si uera fama est Hippocrene, quam pedis pulsu citati cornipes fudit fremens, tu fonte in ipso procreatus Pegasi, 10 primus duorum metra iunxisti pedum trimetrisque Musis concinentibus nouem caedem in draconis concitasti Delium. fer hanc salutem praepes et uolucripes

    A Letter to Paulinus

  • A line from θ to α Aurigæ prolonged about 20° ends near α Persei.

    A Field Book of the Stars


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