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  • An ancient ruined city of Edom in present-day southwest Jordan. It flourished as a trade center and the capital of Nabataea from the 4th century B.C. until its capture by the Romans in A.D. 106. The city was taken by Muslims in the 7th century and by Crusaders in the 12th century. The ruins of the "rose-red city” were discovered in 1812.

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  • proper n. A female given name.
  • proper n. an archeological site in Jordan, designated as World Heritage Site


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A feminine form of Peter, identical with Late Latin petra "stone"; came into regular use in the nineteenth century.

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From Greek πέτρα (rock)


  • Petra is young but her handwriting in English is old-fashioned, reminiscent of what one might see on hundred-year-old American cards, and goes with the postcard beautifully.

    Girls Go Postal! | Warm Wishes

  • The manager of the hotel I stayed in, Petra, is an artist who built a vacation home for his family and then, because the home was beautiful and it cost a lot to maintain, began renting out rooms.

    Greece After The Fall

  • And here in Petra, most hotels that host Westerners do, too.

    Chet of Arabia

  • Two-thousand-year-old cave paintings are being displayed in Petra, Jordan, while the lost work of Robert Capa has been put on view in New York.

    ARTINFO: NEW YORK: Can't-Miss Gallery Openings This Week

  • My downstairs neighbor, Petra, is waving to me from the alley where the trash cans lie in wait.

    Anhedonia (excerpt)

  • She's in Petra-dyed dresses half the time and Doodle-daddy-style overalls the other half, and her preferred medium is watercolors.

    Odin's Day

  • Petra is now too packed all the time and Revolution -- which has been renamed -- ditto.


  • Petra is the grand matriarch in our Mexican community of Nestipac, in suburban Jocotepec.

    Wedding invitation

  • Koukalova, ranked No. 73, got word from Czech captain Petra Langrova on Saturday that she would replace Bedanova. - U.S. advances to Fed Cup quarterfinals

  • Hor, and regarded it as a great achievement to have visited and returned from "Joktheel," as they called Petra, in compliance with 2 Kings xiv.

    Byeways in Palestine


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