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  • adj. Of or relating to Saint Peter.

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to people named Peter, particularly Saint Peter or Peter the Great.

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to St. Peter.

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  • Of or pertaining to the apostle Peter or his doctrines or writings: as, the Petrine epistles. See Petrinism.


Late Latin Petrus, Saint Peter + -ine1.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • As I implied in an earlier post, the ordained represent one pole of a spiritual polarity in the Church, the "Petrine" charism, of which the other pole is the "Marian" charism of "receptivity to God, submissive fidelity to Jesus Christ, and fruitfulness in bearing him into the world."

    Archive 2005-07-01

  • A liturgy was also used, and, from surviving fragments, it appears to have been related to the 'Ephesine,' rather than to the 'Petrine' family of liturgies -- that is to say, it was different from the Roman, and if not identical with the Gallican liturgy, was similar to it.

    Chronicles of Strathearn

  • You claim not to support the Petrine claim to primacy, so You ain't Catholic, but if you go back before the Petrine thingie, you are in a very gray area.

    Tom McIntyre Explains His Picks for our 2009 Hunting and Fishing Heroes and Villians Face-Off

  • After Christianity was legalized, some within the church tried a power-grab by claiming the Petrine doctrine gave them the power as mediators to God.

    Tom McIntyre Explains His Picks for our 2009 Hunting and Fishing Heroes and Villians Face-Off

  • A sacerdotal act of the Pope – the removal of the excommunication of four bishops who had been consecrated contrary to the prohibition of his predecessor in the Petrine office – encounters an outraged lack of understanding not only of the non-Catholic public but also of many Catholics and even bishops, who have openly renounced their loyalty to the pope.

    Mosebach on Why the Pope Had to Do What He Did

  • A key question for Catholics and Protestants will be to explore the resources of genuine apostolic and human authority and how reform of any arbitrary use of authority in the Church is overcome without severing the unity of the apostolic mission of the Church and without rejecting the Petrine ministry of the successors of Peter.


  • Over and above that, the wider dialogue of theologians with the bishops, as well as between bishops and the Petrine office in the Church, has found a voice.

    New Releases

  • Think for a moment about how little need there would be for Petrine authority on Faith and Morals or delineated canon law on the valid reception of communion if there were no Eucharist in the Catholic Church.

    Fr. Robert Barron on Protestantism, authority, and Cardinal Newman

  • That seems like an odd argument to making, Raving Papist, considering that the Eucharist is present in Protestant churches while Petrine authority isn't.

    Fr. Robert Barron on Protestantism, authority, and Cardinal Newman

  • Catholics will tell you that one of the proofs of Petrine and Papal supremacy is that Rome is the only patriarchate never to fall into heresy.

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame


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