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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Petroicidae — the Australasian robins.


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  • Extant endemics on Rakiura and its offshore islets include subspecies of southern robin (Petroica australis rakiura), weka (Gallirallus australis scotti), and fernbird (Bowdleria punctata stewartiana), as well as a leaf-veined slug, a Paryphanta spp., and the harlequin gecko (Hoplodactylus nebulosis).

    Rakiura Island temperate forests

  • Birds that frequent high elevations include Richard's pipit (Anthus novaeseelandiae), flame robin (Petroica phoenicea), little raven (Corvus mellori), and wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila audax).

    Australian Alps montane grasslands

  • Other endemic taxa of land birds include the Auckland Islands Rail Lewinia muelleri (VU), the Antipodes Parakeet Cyanoramphus unicolor (VU), snipe Coenocorypha aucklandica (LR) on Campbell, Snares, Antipodes and Auckland Islands, tomtits (Petroica macrocephala) on Snares and Auckland Island, and the Banded Dotterel Charadrius bicinctus exilis.

    Subantarctic Islands, New Zealand

  • Recent years have seen significant conservation work to restore native ecosystems and some dramatic success stories, such as the recovery of the Chatham Island black robin (Petroica traversi), which had dwindled to only one breeding pair by 1980.

    Chatham Island temperate forests

  • Nevertheless, the endangered North Island kokako (Callaeas cinerea) persists in the Waipoua forest, and fantails (Rhipidura fuliginosa), North Island robins (Petroica australis longipes), whitehead (Mohoua albicilla), tuis (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae), and kereru, or New Zealand wood-pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) are all present.

    Northland temperate kauri forests

  • Petroica multicolor, SWAINS. — — — — phoenicea, GOULD. — — — — Goodenovii, JARD.

    Journals of expeditions of discovery into Central Australia, and overland from Adelaide to King George's Sound, in the years 1840-1

  • Vulnerable and threatened birds of the mountains include Salvadori’s Teal, Anas waigiuensis, the Snow mountain robin, Petroica archboldi and McGregor’s Bird of Paradise, Macgregoria pulchra.

    Lorentz National Park, Indonesia

  • Petroica goodenovii) in the Binya State Forest, NSW.



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