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  • proper n. A taxonomic class within the phylum Heterokontophyta.

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  • One of the four great classes of algæ containing most of those forms which are of a brown color. The vast majority of this class are marine.

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  • n. brown algae; mostly marine and littoral eukaryotic algae


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  • '' 'Phaeophyceae' '' can be found in [[marine]] environments.

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  • For example, Rhodophyta (red algae) store energy in the form of floridean starch, whereas the Phaeophyceae (brown algae) store their energy in the form of laminarin.


  • Seasonal changes in the levels of cytokinins in Sargassum heterophyllum (Phaeophyceae).

    Chapter 7

  • All but four species of Phaeophyceae live in salt water

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  • Reproduction can happen in two ways with Phaeophyceae, it is either isogamous (where the gametes look alike), or anisogamous (with a large female egg, and small male sperm) depending on the species.

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  • Phaeophyceae has two kinds of genomes, one is the mitochondria of

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  • Phaeophyceae is a large class formed by 265 genera and includes more than 1700 species

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  • For example, the largest, fastest growing species in Phaeophyceae, macrocystis pyrifera, starts when spore producing sporophytes kind of the plant produce spores which are either female or male gametophytes.

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