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  • n. Plural form of Phalangist.


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  • Hundreds of Palestinians died at the hands of pro-Israeli Christian militia fighters known as Phalangists, who entered the camps during the period when Israeli forces were occupying West Beirut.

    CBC | Top Stories News

  • The "Phalangists" Christian militia, a group supported by then Minister of Defense Ariel Sharon, murdered an estimated 3000 people within the span of three days, this in response to the murder of their leader, Israeli-appointed president of Lebanon, Bashir Gemayel.

    Karin Badt: Cannes 2008: "Waltz With Bashir": A Cartoon Journey into War

  • It is a dark and sad film about a massacre of Palestinians by Christian Phalangists during the Lebanese War.

    WATCHING: Waltz with Bashir; I Love You, Man; Knowing; The Kite Runner

  • Israelis have done a movie about the Sabra and Chatila massacre accusing the Lebanese (Phalangists), we need a movie on DAMOUR massacre too to show the world that WE were the victims too

    Global Voices in English » Lebanon: Lebanese Bloggers React to Israeli film “Lebanon”

  • Supporters of Israel's former allies in the Lebanese Civil War, the far-right Phalangists, have launched a Facebook group in reaction to the film, calling on a film to be made about Syria's involvement in the war as well.

    Global Voices in English » Lebanon: Lebanese Bloggers React to Israeli film “Lebanon”

  • After the murder of at least 800 Palestinians in Lebanon, by Lebanese Phalangists whose way was lit by flares shot up into the nighttime sky by Israelis who had invaded Lebanon with American arms, Maya understood that the murky was here too.

    A Country Called AMREEKA

  • That clear, comforting difference, however, dissipated for Maya after the massacres of Palestinians by the Phalangists in the refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila in 1982.

    A Country Called AMREEKA

  • For sixty-two hours, the Phalangists, who blamed Palestinian fighters for the assassination of their leader and president-elect, Bachir Gemayel, on September 14, raped and murdered Palestinians inside the camps.

    Peace Meals

  • This “Christian resistance” had its authoritarians, mostly among the Phalangists, and its liberals, such as the followers of President Chamoun, and a number of intellectuals, including former president of the UN General Assembly Charles Malek and intellectual Fuad Bustany.

    The Coming Revolution

  • The Christian Phalangists began emptying their AK-47s into the air, and I could smell the cordite as if they were in the next row.

    Bradley Burston: Waltz with Bashir, Gaza, and the Post-Moral World


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