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  • Phantasm is the thinking mans horror movie, it’s very cerebral in the way the story is told.

    Halloween Scores & Soundtracks: Phantasm

  • Don Coscarelli, who directed the 80s classic The Beastmaster and a little known horror franchise called Phantasm, does a really great job behind the camera.

    Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

  • Andrea Beaumont from Mask of the Phantasm is a personal favourite.

    Top Five Batman Girlfriends | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • But Visions, and Dreams whether naturall, or supernaturall, are but Phantasmes: and he that painteth an Image of any of them, maketh not an Image of God, but of his own Phantasm, which is, making of an Idol.


  • Doing so leads him to an online message board with a post about a gothic punk band called Phantasm that has a female singer named FES, and he finds out that their lyrics - which came before the New Generation incident happened - talked about a crucifixion.

    Anime Nano!

  • ... aka Phantasm IV: Infinity (USA: alternative title) ... aka Phantasm: oblIVion (USA: video title)

    Home Theater Forum

  • Phantasm II (1988) ... aka Phantasm II: The Never Dead Part Two (Australia: video box title)

    Home Theater Forum

  • Trond Einar Garmo sent in a great review of a little known Windows Mobile Media Player called Phantasm Music Player.

    Mobility Site

  • Angel Unchained; Army of Darkness; Evil Dead 2; Haunted; Haunting of Julia; Candyman (Don't skip Tony Todd in a brand brand new Transformers flick); Dracula (Gary Oldman); Mindwarp (w/Angus 'Phantasm' Scrimm); Waxworks as g! ood as W axworks 2; Wishmaster as good as Wishmaster 3 as good as 4; Buffy a Vampire Slayer; X Files as good as X Men; Devour as good as Fly Me to a Moon (Houseflies upon Apollo rocket).

    TV Anime Guide for Nov 09 Updated 1 Nov 09

  • "Jim actually makes a case for religion in the course of pooh-poohing it," said Angus Scrimm, the 84-year-old horror film regular best-known for his roles in the "Phantasm" franchise.

    Bedeviled by Cinema in a Brooklyn Bar


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