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  • proper n. A taxonomic order within the subdivision Polyneoptera — the stick insects.


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  • First set prompted me to coin the Phasmatodea Oblique Strategies #17, When in doubt, go spastic.

    reading, phasmatodea, not with a bang but....

  • Might look for a phasmid stick insect for a mascot/cover model for Phasmatodea, which is my and aklikins's Chapman Stick duo.

    the state of the scorpion address

  • I spotted these two Phasmatodea outside today, the first time I've ever seen more than a single such insect at once.

    You've Got to Serve Somebody

  • Sunday wrote book review to send out, then aklikins came over for Phasmatodea practice.

    catchup: music, snagglebadger, club

  • Spacerock likes Phasmatodea, new SoundSoap, new "The Cards Tell the Story" installment and filtered hums.

    Rasputina at the Cat's Cradle

  • This afternoon aklikins came over for Phasmatodea practice.

    more catching up on things

  • Phasmatodea practice was canceled Sunday, so after my daily Chapman Stick and theremin practice, watching another episode of _Firefly_, and three hours cataloging the DVDs with delicious library, I spent the rest of the day and evening reading three books on Elizabethan England, with Cate Blanchett's Elizabeth in the background during the last book for a total immersion bit.

    Sunday in perfidious Albion

  • Too small a room: apparently the much larger room we'd played in the last time Phasmatodea played there had become off-limits due to some band since us damaging a painting in the rented space most of the rooms in the gallery are rented-out studio rooms.

    Fukadugalon AAR

  • Then aklikins came over for a Phasmatodea practice, first time in a while.

    weekend review

  • No movies, no Phasmatodea practice Sunday afternoon as we'd devoted enough time to the band all of Saturday.



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