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  • proper n. A female given name.


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A Latinate feminine form of Philip, recorded in medieval England, but originally pronounced like the masculine form.


  • Philippa is right, we know how men suffer when they have "flu".

    A Good Death

  • We know that his wife was called Philippa, that one Philippa Chaucer belonged to the queen's household in 1366, and that the Philippa Chaucer, wife of the poet, was at a later date in the service of the Duchess of

    A Literary History of the English People From the Origins to the Renaissance

  • "Jine in, Br'er Stoker," called Philippa, laughingly waving her duster in the doorway.

    Flip's "Islands of Providence"

  • It is attested by documentary evidence, that in the year 1374, Chaucer had a wife by name Philippa, who had been in the service of John of


  • To tell you the truth, I cannot remember under which name Philippa _was_ married.

    Much Darker Days

  • He did not seem overcome with pleasure at the idea of Philippa's visit, and she felt a little disappointed, but she had been interested in his talk; and as she went back to the house with Miss Mervyn, her mind was so full of it, that she felt obliged to tell her all about Tuvvy and Dennis, and her own plans for Becky's benefit.

    Black, White and Gray A Story of Three Homes

  • Meanwhile at Fieldside the idea of Philippa's visit was received with something like dismay.

    Black, White and Gray A Story of Three Homes

  • To Miss B---- I was indebted for the first doll I remember possessing -- a gorgeous wax personage, in white muslin and cherry-colored ribbons, who, by desire of the donor, was to be called Philippa, in honor of my uncle.

    Records of a Girlhood

  • "Philippa," Verna growled, "must you be so pleased about a plate of eggs?"

    Men Don't Leave Me

  • "Philippa," he began, "you know that when I go out on these fishing expeditions, I also put in some work at the new chart which I am so anxious to prepare for the fishermen."

    The Zeppelin's Passenger


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