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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Picathartidae — the rockfowl.


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  • These include the near-endemic white-eyed prinia Prinia leontica (VU), the grey-winged robinchat Cossypha polioptera, lemon dove Columba larvata, Sharp's apalis Apalis sharpei, whitenecked rockfowl Picathartes gymnocephalus (VU) and Nimba flycatcher Melaenornis annamarulae (VU), A detailed account of birds in Liberian Nimba is given in Coston & Curry-Lindahl (1986).

    Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire

  • Gray-necked rockfowl (Picathartes oreas), Cameroon.

    Cameroonian Highlands forests

  • The most important of these include the yellow-headed rockfowl (Picathartes gymnocephalus, VU), rufous fishing owl (Scotopelia ussheri, EN), and yellow-throated olive greenbul (Criniger olivaceus, VU).

    Western Guinean lowland forests

  • The presence of the rare yellow-headed rockfowl (Picathartes gymnocephalus, VU) has also been confirmed in the Loma Mountains.

    Guinean montane forests

  • Notable species include Nectarinia ursulae, Psalidoprocne fuliginosa, Picathartes oreas, and the endemic Fernando Po speirops (Speirops brunneus, VU), which is confined to Basilé Peak in Bioko.

    Mount Cameroon and Bioko montane forests

  • Some writers say they are peculiar to Sierra Leone, others that they are not, but both unite in calling them Picathartes gymnocephalus.

    Travels in West Africa

  • I ask him more about Zoo Quest, when he and Jack Lester went in search of the bald-headed rock crow, Picathartes gymnocephalus, and, as described in the autobiography, after only four broadcasts a London bus driver asked, ' 'ere Dave, are you going to catch that Picafartees gymno-bloody-cephalus or aren't you?' - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph


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