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  • n. Plural form of Pierrot.


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  • How he slept in meadows under the open membrane of the night while over him stooped the silent apparitions of a hundred dead brothers, those bloodshot eyes and glistening cavities of Pierrots, how they gestured the funerals they never had, the languages they never spoke, the animals they long ago knew and trained and fought and died beneath and were digested within.

    The Clown Show

  • Long days tangled in the station wagon, legs and heads flopped from windows, the back window kicked out and exploded into dust for the bulges and ruffles of a hundred Pierrots, their long red shoes and polka dots.

    The Clown Show

  • Under the pitch atmosphere and how Pierrot crept into the forest with a frying pan and a potato sack, the snores of Pierrots whistling in his wake.

    The Clown Show

  • Now this gaggle of Pierrots emerged from a single station wagon, pink tongues extended and lace collars pulled, a hundredfold human luggage untangled onto the final lawn, where they milled and mulled like philosophers the gravity of a world so easily fled and where jugglers plucked and tossed femurs and jaw bones from the loose soil.

    The Clown Show

  • Long days and Pierrots dust masked and dwindled to a half dozen.

    The Clown Show

  • How those Pierrots faded into the clots and clouds of dirt.

    The Clown Show

  • Now, the only illume from the yellow eyes of alligators, the ghost wane of gases and thereafter, the last sounds of Pierrots echoed throughout the valleys.

    The Clown Show

  • Me: Why are your Pierrots always wearing blue and sometimes have their faces painted black?

    Boing Boing: July 30, 2006 - August 5, 2006 Archives

  • In Alexei Ratmansky's "Pierrot Lunaire," a quartet of Pierrots dance to Arnold Schönberg's 1912 sprechstimme

    Where Beauty Is Not Beastly

  • Pierrots and Pierrettes holding each other by the hand and winding in and out between the chairs and tables: eyes shining in the holes of cardboard faces, breasts panting; but all preserving a mysterious silence.

    The Arrow of Gold


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