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  • n. a mild sedative-hypnotic drug (trade name Placidyl)


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  • Sanjay, Justice Rehnquist was taking three times the prescribed doses -- dosage of a drug called Placidyl, and -- which I had never heard of.

    CNN Transcript Jan 5, 2007

  • In the early '80s, William Rehnquist, before he became chief justice, when he was just Justice Rehnquist, had not only a serious addiction to a very powerful drug called Placidyl; he was having hallucinations in the hospital.

    CNN Transcript Jul 31, 2007

  • I came out of a hospital in 1973 and was eating four Preordains at a time three times a day six month later, I was also doing three blue Valium a day plus a 750 mil Placidyl to get to sleep.

    Detectives, doctors try to stymie painkiller abuse

  • No matter how long Dad pretended to search, he always found exactly two “greenies,” the big Placidyl pills that promised us a night of oblivion.


  • Placidyl was a downer prescribed to people for insomnia that came in the form of a liquigel.


  • In fairness, if someone harangued me that way at bedtime, I'd gobble Placidyl, too.

    Forever Elvis

  • This oracular quote follows hard on the heels of my favorite deadpan line in any Elvis book: "He handed me my Placidyl and I took them automatically."

    Forever Elvis

  • The FBI reports that Rehnquist was already taking the powerful hypnotic ethchlorvynol — marketed as Placidyl — to treat insomnia when, in 1972, he came under the care of a Capitol Hill doctor (whose name was redacted from the report).

    Medication Missteps

  • Although it is not clear if Rehnquist's drug problem affected his judgment, doctors who treated him told the FBI that toxicity from Placidyl might result in blurred vision, slurred speech and difficulty in moving.

    Medication Missteps

  • Also exposed was Rehnquist\'s 10-year addiction to Placidyl, a hallucingenic painkiller. '

    OpEdNews - Quicklink: Rehnquist Files Reveal Drug -- and Executive-Power -- Abuse


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